2021 Update

Allrighdee, there’s alot of news since the last update.

* ELF (Linux) and PE (Windows) executables are produced from 1 module, allowing host system binding (calls to host os). This enables ‘Hello world’ applications on both host platforms. Exciting stuff!

* This implies the two host calling conventions (SysV and MS x64) have been implemented as well. This is a huge amount of work!

* Both sides of the calling conventions have been implemented - this means that you can call a procedure of the convention AND write your own procedures of those conventions. This is necessary for host callback procedures in BlackBox - and for clients that want to make, say, DLLs in BlackBox with procedures that can be called by C/C++/arbitrary programs.

* PE DLLs can be made of 1 module. Lots of work here!

* IF, WHILE, REPEAT, RETURN, FOR implemented. This was maybe one of the simplest parts of the work done.

* REAL and SHORTREAL arythmetic added. It uses the inherited x87 implementation. Limited use of XMM unit is implemented to allow interaction with MS x64 calling convention.

As a side-effect:

* Improved OCF decoder and disassembler, using some advice from user X512.

* A module providing convenient scanners for the OCF format is under construction. May be of use in other system-level programs.