Project name

After much debate, Ivan and Anton settled on the name of the project. It will be named after William Herschel, the British astronomer who discovered Oberon. See more here on why.

Frontend milestone

As of today, June 24, 2020, the frontend is capable of parsing and building the syntax tree and symbol table for ALL of Component Pascal!! (That, of course, does not include the module SYSTEM, which is implemented in the compiler and not as a separate module).


Based on his work in translating CP into JS, Anton is adapting the CP2 frontend to the updated symbol table and syntax tree structures.


Ivan, Anton and Denis Budyak met online to discuss the possibilities of using A2 as the testing environment for the new compiler’s output: the generated binary code needs to be executed in some environment, results need to be picked up and checked against a standard for each test. Informative, but no decisions.


Ivan, Anton and Dmitry Dagaev met online to discuss the possibilities of integrating the new compiler project with MultiOberon. Exchange was informative, but no desicisions have been made.