New donations in the last months:

We have received €200 from a donor that didn’t indicate whether his name may be disclosed.

At the time, Adimetrius is the lead, senior, mid and jun in this project. He works on it day, and sometimes night, as a volunteer, full of enthusiasm.

Please participate in the creation of CP 64-bit compiler with your donations.

Make your donations via:

TransferWise (preferred method if you’re outside of Russia). Make payments to adimetrius @ gmail . com. If you don’t have a TransferWise account yet, check it out and feel free to use this link to register one - you will get a discount on the 1st transfer, and we might get a small bonus as well. If your currency is €, set up a transfer into € as well; if your currency is different, set up a transfer with coversion into RUR (russian roubles).


VK pay

The target desirable amount is $1000/mo.

In August, we have received a donation of €200, but the donor has not indicated whether his name may be disclosed - we send thanks to him anyway.

In September and October each, we have received a €100 one-time donation.

In December, we have received €100 from Christian Hörmann, ₽5000 from Ivan Denisov, and ₽2222 from Comdiv on Jan 1. Deeply grateful to our donors!

We will keep you posted on the progress of the project, as well as on the financial progress.

If you are willing to make recurring donations, please contact us directly.

List of people/organizations who have donated to the project:

Mathieu Westerweele from Mobatec, NL, Ivan Denisov from Kraysnoyarsk, RU, Christian Hörmann, Comdiv; and also two undisclosed donors.