Status update

AS of today, September 9th:

* The code generator is up and running

* Global variables can be addressed

* Module body (BEGIN section of a module) can be compiled

* The assignment operator works (for a limited number of basic types)

* The basic types that are implemented are: BYTE SHORTINT INTEGER LONGINT CHAR SHORTCHAR BOOLEAN SET

* Assignments of the form var := literal/var are implemented for the aforementioned types

* Safe type casts with CHR ORD and unsafe casts SYSTEM.VAL are implemented for the aforementioned types

* All of the above features coverd with tests

* Two kinds of standards (correct test responses) for the code generator are produced: the actual generated machine text standards and the field test standards. A field test standard is the values of global variables that the generated code ‘leaves’.

* A testing infrastructure for the code generator is implemented

* The CG tester consisting of an HTTP server receiving requests and a primitive loader actually executing generated 64-bit code is implemented in A2 - the Oberon-based active objects operating system

* The testing panel (front-end) in BB has been updated to accomodate now both front-end and back-end tests and standards.

* The test base now has about 100 test.